Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Early feedback from the blogosphere

One of the greatest things about having Behold online is the amount of feedback that the users give. For example, Lee Stranahan uses Behold to add high quality Creative Commons photos to his blog posts to enhance readers' experience. A number of Flickr users recently spotted that Behold occasionally does not keep up with the changing image licenses; Behold now tries to address this by re-indexing images from Flickr more frequently. Behold was also recently mentioned in the SMARTBoard podcast, where Ben Hazzard and Joan Badger discussed online tools that are useful for teachers. They highlighted the simple user interface and also the ability to narrow down search results through Behold's image content analysis. In a similar vein, Anthony Evans uses Behold's visual fitlering to find images that are suitable for educational purposes. All of this is enormously useful feedback that will be used to improve the search experience further. You can also leave your comments by going to Behold and clicking on the 'Chat to the developer' link at the bottom of the page, or by sending an e-mail to


крокодил said...

уважаемый девелопер! тщательно поздравляю вас с выходом на просторы интернета! желаю всяческих успехов в дальнейшей разработке этого умного и, безусловно, нужного проекта!

Matblogg.se said...

Now i just wait for the Firefox Search Plug-in. :)