Thursday, August 09, 2007

Behold's mission

Major news! Behold is no longer just a research project. It now has a mission statement that concerns you, the user. It reads: "to offer search over images of highest possible quality that are freely available on the Internet". To this end Behold has now indexed over 1 million high quality images from Flickr and is giving you the option to search them using tags as well through Behold's image analysis. While Flickr has nearly 400 million images, only a small proportion of them are professional, artistic and aesthetically pleasing. Behold's aim is to bring you only images of this calibre. Of course, many of you want to use such images on your websites and in your printed materials. By utilising Flickr's license information, Behold can restrict search results to contain only the images that can be freely used.

Behold can continue growing and offering you more high-quality images, thanks to a parallel computation service provided by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. In the mean time, work will continue on improving Behold's visual search capability to enhance your search experience.

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