Monday, November 20, 2006

What can Behold recognise?

After some months being spent on improving the search quality a new version of Behold has been rolled out. The set of keywords that it recognises has somewhat shrunk but hopefully the ones that remain should work better. As well as querying by keywords it is now possible to browse images based on their content, using the algorithm of Daniel Heesch. As this page explains, Behold uses very simple techniques to assign keywords to images so each individual keyword search can give rather vague results. However combining related keywords in your query often helps, e.g. boats vs. boats and water and car vs. car and car_park. Once you have located a close enough image to your target using keywords you can start browsing the database for more similar images. What can you find in Behold by combining keywords and browsing?

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Marcin said...

How does access this new form of searching?